What Is A Koi Pond And Other Things You Need To Know

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Find Out What People In Rhode Island Need To Know Before Buying A Koi Pond

A koi pond is a water feature deep enough to house koi and other fish. Quality koi ponds recreate an entire pond ecosystem for your yard.

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A What Now?

“I think we should get a koi pond for our backyard,” repeats Amy.

Brian’s eyebrows rise in surprise. “Is that really a thing people do?” Amy squints as she thinks. “Kind of. People do it, but it’s more of a unique backyard addition. We’d be one of the few in the area.”

Brian smiles. “That would be kind of cool, actually. But, do either of us know anything about backyard koi ponds? I mean, what is a koi pond, even?”

Amy shrugs and picks up her phone. “I’m not too sure, just thought it was a neat idea. Why don’t we look around on Google and find out more? It might be possible for us to actually get one.” She starts typing as Brian comes around to look on with her.

Here’s what the couple finds:

What Is A Koi Pond

A koi pond is a water feature people put into their landscape design. It ranges in size from small to large, though they’re all at least 2 feet deep. This keeps the koi from freezing in most areas. Ecosystem koi ponds recreate a pond ecosystem, making it look better and be easier to maintain.

Koi Pond vs Ecosystem Koi Pond

A basic koi pond can look like a bunch of rocks with a black liner beneath it and fish swimming around. It doesn’t look great but it works.

An ecosystem koi pond is leagues better. It recreates a pond’s natural environment, including the filtration. Rocks line the bottom and sides for a more natural look. Skimmers and a biofall filters the water and keeps it clean and clear. It can look like your home was built around the pond.

Koi Pond Maintenance

Ecosystem koi ponds don’t need that much maintenance.

You’ll have to do a few minutes of cleaning a week. This means taking out the skimmer basket and throwing away leaves and debris it’s gathered.

Then, ponds need a major cleaning (done by a professional) at least twice a year for spring and winter. The winter maintenance process gets the pond and fish ready to go to hibernate. The spring maintenance process wakes it up and gets it ready for the season.

You can also do cleanings every so often and fall maintenance. Fall maintenance cleans it up and can get it ready for winter. This can include putting a net over it to catch leaves.

Cost Of A Koi Pond


Quality ecosystem koi pond costs can range from $8,000 to $50,000 and higher. They may be more expensive than regular ones, but you won’t find anything near their quality.

How Are Koi Ponds Built?

We follow a 19-step process for building koi ponds. Our ponds are Aquascape certified (which means we have a nationally known brand backing up our work and supplies).

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“This is a great resource! We definitely need to check out the links so we can learn more,” says Brian excitedly. “Now you’re getting it! Let’s do it,” says Amy happily.
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