How To Build A Backyard Pond You’re Going To Love

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Find Out How Pond Contractors In Bristol County Should Install A Backyard Pond

Building a backyard pond starts with marking out the area. You then hook up parts, add layers, put together other parts, and then clean up.

Find all the steps below-

How Do They Do It?

“How does who do what?” asks Amy.

Brian shakes his head in disbelief. “How do these pond contractors do it? I don’t know where to start with how to build a backyard pond and they’re out there creating masterpieces! It’s mind-boggling to me.”

Amy smiles and laughs softly. “Well, why don’t you look up how they do it? I’m sure you can search Google for how to make a backyard pond. It worked when we looked up the cost of a pond.”

“That’s a great idea! I’d like to know what’s going to happen in our yard instead of just up and starting,” says Brian. He gets out his phone and starts searching.

Here is what Brian finds and shares with Amy:

How To Build A Backyard Pond

  1. Mark out the area
  2. Place skimmer, biofalls, and plumbing
  3. Hook up biofalls
  4. Dig out the pond
  5. Install underlayment and liner
  6. Hook up skimmer
  7. Place rocks in and around the pond
  8. Put in underwater lights*
  9. Install pump and skimmer parts
  10. Wash off rocks and pump out dirty water
  11. Begin filling pond
  12. Build the waterfall
  13. Put together biofalls
  14. Bring in topsoil
  15. Build a retaining wall for berm
  16. Tweak waterfall once the pond is full enough
  17. Trim liner
  18. Disguise liner with mulch, rocks, and plants
  19. Mulch berm
  20. Clean up

Follow up steps include purifying your water and adding fish and aquatic plants.

This is how pond professionals who follow the Aquascape process build backyard ponds. Other contractors can use different methods. This one is widely known and approved throughout the backyard pond community.


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“Wow, this is pretty detailed! And the video is great, it shows everything,” says Amy. “I love it! Let’s see what else we can learn about backyard ponds,” says Brian excitedly.
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