This Is The Best Way To Clean A Koi Pond In Your Backyard

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Learn How Aquascape Certified Pond Contractors Clean Koi Ponds In Rhode Island

The first step for how to clean a koi pond is to drain the pond and remove the fish. Then you rinse, clean, refill, and add the fish back in.

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How Do We Clean It?

“It’s water and rocks. How do we clean that?” asks Brian.

“That’s a great question, hon,” says Amy. “I honestly have no idea. We might not be able to do it ourselves, at least not as well as a contractor can.”

Brian frowns. “Hmmm. Well, we need to clean it or have someone clean it because our pond is getting dirty. We should look up how to clean a koi pond, see if we can do it.”

Amy nods and gets out her phone to look it up on Google. “While we’re at it, let’s look up winter pond care, too,” suggests Brian. Amy nods as she continues searching.

Here’s what she finds:

How To Clean A Koi Pond

  1. Drain your koi pond and remove any fish
  2. Rinse the inside of the pond
  3. Clean the filters
  4. Refill the koi pond
  5. Add Aquascape Pond Detoxifier
  6. Carefully add fish back into the pond

Your fish will be put into a separate tub. We use the pond water they’re used to so they don’t go into shock because of the new water.

Rinsing the pond involves hoses and a pressure washer. This helps get rid of all the muck and gunk that’s been building up. Don’t get rid of all of it, though! It’s a natural part of the pond and is necessary for the ecosystem.

Cleaning the filters helps them to keep working at their best. We rinse them out and remove any debris we find.

Then refill your koi pond with a garden hose. You’ll want to add the detoxifier to get the water ready for your fish. Normal water has chemicals in it that fish don’t like. The detoxifier gets rid of them and makes the water fish friendly.


Adding fish back in is a slow and careful process:

  1. Put the fish in a bucket with their old pond water
  2. Place it in the new water without letting it into the bucket so the fish can get used to the temperature
  3. After about 15 minutes, start splashing the water into the bucket
  4. Gently release your fish

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“That is complicated. We don’t have the equipment to do it properly,” sighs Brian. “Well, let’s contact our pond contractor and see what they can do,” suggests Amy. Brian nods. “While I do that, why don’t you see what else you can find on this blog?”

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