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Outdoor Living Space Installation

Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Outdoor Space

One of the best things about having a home is striking your own balance between the indoors and the outdoors. Many people pour their love into having beautiful home interiors but forget the importance of their backyard. Why not take full advantage of your property?

With the help of Greenwave Landscape Design Services, it’s possible to create a custom space where luxury and coziness meet. Your backyard could be a place where you can sip cocktails on sunny afternoons or enjoy a cup of tea on a misty morning. You can witness the beauty of the seasons from the comfort of your outdoor living space. It’s possible just to relax and connect with nature every day!

Here's a list of popular upgrades for your new outdoor living space:

Enjoy Nature In A Comfortable Ambiance

Many homes are accompanied by manicured lawns and gorgeous flower arrangements, but they aren’t functional spaces until they are livable. A well-groomed outdoor living space adds usable square footage to your home for all your family’s activities. It’s the gateway towards endless nights of laughter and good food in the company of your closest friends.

A serene garden will encourage you to spend more time outside with friends and family throughout all seasons. You can get your vitamin D during sunny days, or take comfort under your covered patio and enjoy the winter with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands.

Water Feature Installation

Outdoor Living Space Gallery

If you’re looking for additional inspiration for your next outdoor living space, feel free to browse our portfolio for some fresh ideas.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Exceeding Expectations With Every Project

Exceptional Customer-Centric Approach

At Greenwave, every project is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to exceed expectations. Our clients rave about our professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness. They often highlight our commitment to delivering quality landscaping and an unparalleled customer experience.

Expertise And Innovation in Landscape Design

Greenwave has been transforming outdoor spaces in Rumford, RI, since 1999 with creative and sustainable landscape designs. Our deep appreciation for the process and our innovative approach ensure that your project blends beauty, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

Transparent And Trustworthy Service

Transparency is at the heart of Greenwave’s operations. We set clear expectations, maintain open communication, and ensure integrity in every aspect of our work. Our clients trust us for our straightforward approach, ensuring no surprises, just exceptional results.

Outdoor Living Space Prices

Whether you want a lavish space with a firepit or just a simple patio, we’re here to help.

Outdoor Living Space Installation

Basic Outdoor Living Space*


Includes a basic outdoor living space includes a simple paver patio with grading around it, a firepit, a pergola, and basic landscaping.

Outdoor Living Space Installation

Average Outdoor Living Space*


Includes an average outdoor living space includes a paver patio with a firepit, steps up to the door, a simple seating wall, accent shapes in the patio, planting material, a small pergola or a pavilion, and basic exterior lighting.

Outdoor Living Space Installation

High-end Outdoor Living Space*


Includes a high-end outdoor living space includes a larger paver or flagstone patio with raised sections, entertainment spaces, an outdoor grill and bar, a large pavilion, pool coping, stone steps, a walkway, premium lighting, and planting material, as well as a drip irrigation system.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your outdoor space and your choice of materials and features. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique outdoor living space after the on-site consultation.

Elevating Your Landscape Dreams with Green Wave's Transformative Process

Cultivating Visions into Reality, Step by Step

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Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Please take a look at what our clients have to say about our passionate craftsmanship.​

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Frequently Asked Questions For Outdoor Living Spaces In Rumford, RI

What are the benefits of outdoor living spaces, and how can they transform my backyard in Rumford?

Outdoor living spaces are designed areas in your backyard that provide a comfortable and functional environment for various activities.

In Rumford, these spaces can transform your backyard by adding luxury and coziness. They offer opportunities for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying nature, allowing you to make the most of your property throughout the year.

You can maximize your outdoor living spaces in Rumford by including features like firepits, sitting walls, pergolas, water features, pavilions, bar areas, landscaping, patio accents, grill areas, and outdoor lighting. 

These enhancements create a welcoming and functional ambiance in your outdoor space.

Our straightforward process in Rumford ensures that your outdoor space aligns with your vision.

  1. It starts with a consultation where you share your ideas. 
  2. We then schedule a phone consultation to discuss your project and arrange an on-site consultation. 
  3. During the on-site consultation, we delve into project specifics such as budget, timeline, and materials. 
  4. Once all details are confirmed, we begin working on your project. 
  5. After completion, we conduct a post-job walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction.

The cost of outdoor living spaces in Rumford varies based on your project’s size, materials, and features. We offer different pricing tiers:

  • Standard Outdoor Living Space: Starting at $35,000, it includes a simple paver patio, firepit, pergola, and basic landscaping.
  • Average Outdoor Living Space: Priced at around $60,000, it features a paver patio with additional elements like seating walls, accent shapes, and exterior lighting.
  • High-End Outdoor Living Space: This option starts at $125,000 and includes more extensive patios, entertainment spaces, outdoor grills, pavilions, premium lighting, and more. Prices can vary depending on your specific requirements.

Please note that these prices are averages, and we determine the final cost after your on-site consultation, where we’ll discuss your unique outdoor living space needs and preferences in Rumford.

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