Water Feature Construction & Maintenance

Water Features For Your Providence Or Southeastern Massachusetts Home

 It’s more than an add-on, it’s a lifestyle!

A Pondless View

Looking out over a backyard of grass can be nice. It can also get old after a while, staring at the same picture day-in and day-out. Grass and more grass, extending on until it reaches some trees or the neighbor’s property. Why not change the picture with a water feature? Construction typically takes a few days to a week depending on how many extra options you choose, so don’t worry about time. Focus on having your dream pond become a reality. 

Waterfall Stream with plants around it in Southeast Mass

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Pond with plants in Massachusetts

Pond Renovation/Repair

You may already have a pond, but it’s not exactly what you want. Maybe you want some

  • Different plants
  • An upgraded waterfall
  • A burbling fountain

If that’s the case, it may be time for a renovation so you can get the water feature you dream about. If you have that dream already, but it’s falling apart, it’s time to get some maintenance work done. Maintenance is important for the health of your pond. Without regular upkeep, it can fall apart and become an algae swamp. Keep your pond alive and healthy!

Adding a Water Feature

Water features can add life and excitement to any yard! Look outside and see a calming picture of a tranquil pond with floating lily pads, cattails swaying in the breeze, and maybe even some fish lazily floating in the water. Hear the sounds of a splashing stream or a wistful waterfall as you drift off to sleep at night. Spend time watching the ecosystem thrive, change the look with different plants or fish or rock formations, and have fun personalizing your water feature. This and more can be yours with an outdoor water feature!

Koi fish surfacing in Southeast Mass pond

Decrease Stress

Koi fish eating food in pond

Increase Family-Time

Koi fish looking at camera in water feature

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