How Much An Outdoor Living Space Costs From Simple To Complex

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We hope this is your first step in getting an outdoor living space because they’re awesome! They’re a great place to make memories with friends and family.

In this post, you’ll find out the cost of an outdoor living space based on complexity. You’ll also discover some of the main factors that change the price.

Something Out Of Nothing

“So, like a magician?” asks Brian jokingly.

Amy laughs, rolling her eyes. “I mean I can work some serious magic when I want to. And in this case, it’s with an outdoor living space. I just need to know how much an outdoor living space costs first.”

Brian nods, frowning. “Well, an outdoor living space does sound amazing, especially after seeing those patio pictures you showed me. Want some help figuring it out?”

Amy gasps. “I’d love that! Here, come sit and we can figure it out together.” Brian pulls his phone out as he does, typing quickly. “Here we go, I found a local contractor who has a blog that can help us out.”

Here’s what the couple sees:

Cost Of Outdoor Living Spaces

The cost of outdoor living spaces can range from $35,000 to $125,000 and higher. The pricing mainly changes due to size, your structure choice, project complexity, how accessible the area is, and what materials you want.

What Main Factors Can Change The Cost Of Outdoor Living Spaces?

Size. Larger backyards tend to cost more. They usually take more time, labor, and materials to complete. Smaller ones can be pricey too, depending on what you want and the materials.

Structure choice. Certain structures and features cost differently. A fire pit will have a different cost than a patio or deck or water feature. The bigger or more complex the feature is the higher the cost is.

Complexity. The more work you have us do the higher the cost will be. Multiple structures and features will take more time, labor, and materials to complete.

Accessibility. It’s really hard to work efficiently if we can’t get to your backyard easily. Using a wheelbarrow to move rocks vs a machine takes way more time and labor.

Materials. Certain materials cost differently. Paver patio stones vs wood for a deck will have a different cost.

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“And now we even know the main things that can change the price!” says Brian happily, glad the blog he found is helping out. Amy smiles. “Then let’s see what else it can tell us.”
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