Why It Can Take Longer To Start A Project With Some Contractors

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This Is Why It May Not Be Bad To Have A Long Wait For A Contractor In Bristol County, Rhode Island
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A lot of people wonder why some contractors have a long wait time to start a project while others don’t.

In this post, you can find out why it may take a while for GreenWave to start your project. You can also find out what may delay a project’s start date further.

What’s Taking So Long?

“Are they perfectionists or what?” asks Amy irritably.

Brian shrugs. “I’m not sure why it’s taking so long for our project to start. I’m sure our contractor has a good reason,” he says assuringly. “The process for working with GreenWave is great, so there has to be a good reason.

Amy frowns. “I hope so, otherwise I’m going to be upset.” Brian nods. “I get it. Hey, why don’t we look through the emails we have with him and see what blog posts he sent us?”

“That’ll help pass the time in a constructive way, I guess,” sighs Amy as she takes out her phone. Brian’s phone buzzes. “Speaking of, here’s our contractor now. Hello?” he says, wandering away.

Amy looks through the emails. “What’s this?” she says under her breath. “A post about scheduling?” She clicks on the link.

Here’s what Amy discovers:

Why Can It Take A While For GreenWave To Start My Project?

New Patio And Driveway Installation

Project timelines. The projects we do for our clients aren’t easy. They often involve choosing materials, designing, ordering, delivering, and building. These projects take a while and we want to make sure we exceed expectations in product and customer service.

Booking. Great contractors are booked out for quite a while. This is because they’re in high demand. We’re often booked out for quite a while, but we’ll make it worth the wait!

If a contractor gets you in quickly without paying more, something may be wrong. Why aren’t they super busy? It may be a good idea to do some more digging into their business and past clients.

What Can Further Delay Your Project Starting?

New Patio And Driveway Installation

Project changes. If the clients before you change anything, we may have to push your project back. We may have to wait on materials or do more building.

Weather. We can’t work outside when it’s raining or snowing. If this happens during a project the timeline changes, as does the start time for the next project.

Damages. If materials arrive and they’re damaged, we’ll need to wait on new ones to ship and arrive.

You May Also Like To Know

“That was our contractor telling us bad weather’s causing a few days delay,” says Brian as he walks back over to Amy. She smiles as she looks up at him. “Okay. It was mostly the not knowing that had me irritated. Here, check out these blog posts he sent us.”
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