Snow Removal Costs For Commercial Lots In Rhode Island

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Learn How Much People Are Investing In Keeping Their Business Open During The Snowy Season

Snow removal costs can be between $5,000 and $250,000. It depends on size, urgency, salting, and the actual snow removal service you choose.

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We’ve Got To Open

“People depend on us being open so our lot needs to be clear of snow,” says Amy.

Brian frowns as he nods in agreement. “That’s true. We also depend on their business to stay open and put food on the table.”

Amy nods. “Right. We need to look up snow removal costs for our area. We also need to look for other snow removal contractors. Maybe we can find a better company than the last one. Working with them left something to be desired…”

Brian slides his phone out. “Let’s get on Google and see what we can find. Surely there’s a better snow removal service in Rhode Island.” He starts searching as Amy looks on.

Here is what the couple ends up finding:

The Cost To Remove Snow From Commercial Lots

Snow removal costs for commercial lots can range from $5,000 to $250,000. There are a lot of factors causing this price range. Size, urgency, salting, and the actual snow removal service you need or choose will change the cost.

More Details On Cost Factors

Size is an obvious one. A hospital parking lot will cost more to clear of snow than a restaurant parking lot.

There are a few different options for choosing how you want to remove the snow:

  • You can wait for the snow to stop and base the snow removal cost on height per inch
  • If you need to clear it regularly you can do it per push. This means removing snow every time it reaches a certain height per inch
  • The seasonal package is when you take the average number of storms and their service level then base the price off of that data

Salting will also increase the cost as it’s another item and process. You can use salt before, during, and/or after it snows.

The level of urgency changes the cost. Places like hospitals that need their lots clear will pay more because it needs to happen ASAP. Places with limited hours or late morning opening hours may need less urgent services.

There’s also snow removal vs snow plowing. Removal means taking the snow away while plowing means moving it out of the way. Removal is harder and thus costs more.

Sometimes you need heavier snow removal equipment. Whipping out the big guns means a higher snow removal cost.

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“Awesome, now we know more than we did, like the different snow removal options,” points out Amy. Brian nods. “Let’s see what else we can find out.”
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