How To Feed Koi Fish And What The Best Foods For Koi Are

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Find Out How To Best Care For Your Fish So They Stay Happy And Healthy

How you feed koi fish depends on the type of pond you have. Fish in ecosystem ponds only need feeding for fun. Don’t feed them any carbs!

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Fish Food, Right?

“Well, yes, fish food should always work,” says Amy matter-of-factly.

“But I think I’ve heard something about being able to feed koi fish a lot more than just fish food,” she finishes. Brian’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Really? I thought that’d be bad.”

Amy shrugs. “I did just hear about it second-hand so I don’t know how true it is. But wouldn’t that be nice? Giving treats to our little fishy friends,” she says with a small smile. “Let’s look up how to feed koi fish and what to feed koi fish,” suggests Brian. “I’m sure they can eat some of the aquatic plants but I don’t know anything else.”

Amy beams a smile at him. “I love it!” She takes out her phone and starts typing her search into Google.

Here’s what she finds:

How To Feed Koi Fish

If you have a regular koi pond, feed your fish as much as they can eat in 5 minutes. Do this once a day. If you have an ecosystem pond you don’t have to feed them! They nibble plant roots and eat nutrients and such in the water. Only feed them a handful of food twice a week.

If you overfeed your koi fish they’ll start having health problems. You can also hurt them by feeding them when it’s too cold.

Switch to cold water food when pond water gets between about 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when your fish start slowing down. As the water cools they start half-hibernating. When it gets below 50 degrees Fahrenheit don’t feed your fish. The food will just sit in their gut, making them sick and uncomfortable.

If you choose food pellets, get the right size. The right size is easier for them to digest and get the most nutrients from. Make sure to cut any human food you feed them so it’s small enough for them to eat!

What To Feed Koi Fish

Koi naturally eat plants, algae, insects, seeds, and anything they can get. If you have an ecosystem pond they’ll have plenty of food. You can feed koi fish almost anything we can eat except carbs. No bread products, at all. You can feed them vegetables, fruits, shrimp, and more.

4 of the main foods for koi fish are:

1. Fish Food

Smaller koi like flaky fish food. Average-sized koi prefer pellets while bigger ones like bars. They should have all the nutrients growing fish need!

2. Wheat Germ

This is the part of wheat that sprouts into a new plant. It’s a natural source of Vitamin E, which is great for koi fish. It helps keep them strong and healthy. It can also help them grow faster!

3. Spirulina Algae

Also called blue algae, Spirulina Algae is super good for koi fish. You can give benefits to your fish like a higher growth rate, improved digestion, and boosted immune system.

4. Brine Shrimp

These are especially good for koi fish that have hatched recently. Koi fish absorb the nutrients these shrimp eat.

What You Shouldn’t Feed Koi Fish

Don’t feed them anything high in carbohydrates. No bread products, peas, or corn. Don’t feed them anything you catch either. Putting wild animals in your koi pond can be bad for many reasons, mostly passing on diseases.

Be careful when feeding koi fish grains like rice and pasta. Cook them without salt before feeding them to your fish. This way the food won’t expand in their stomachs. These are also fattening, making it great for fish that are losing weight.

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“This is great! Now we know how to take care of our little scaly friends,” chirps Amy happily. “This blog could have other stuff on it we should know about ponds,” points out Brian.
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