How Many Days It Can Take To Install A Beautiful Koi Pond

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This Is How Long Our Clients In Bristol County, Rhode Island Wait To Get Their Koi Pond
Large Koi Pond With Waterfall

Knowing how long it takes to do or get something is great! There’s less stress and way more enjoyment.

In this post, you can discover how long it takes us to build backyard koi ponds. You can also find out the main reasons the timeline can change.

I Bet It’ll Take Forever

“Building a koi pond sounds like it’ll take weeks,” complains Amy.

Brian nods, a slight frown on his face. “Yep, I bet it does take a while. Although, if they have enough people working it might not. Ugh, I hate not knowing.”

“Me too, it’s so stressful. How long will we not have our backyard for?” asks Amy.

Suddenly, Brian’s eyebrows lift. “We might be able to find out,” he says slowly. Amy’s eyebrows lift to match his as he starts digging his phone from his pocket.

“How so?” asks Amy. Brian smiles. “We got a couple of blog post links in the email our pond contractor sent us. They might have the answer we’re looking for.” He searches through his email until he finds the one. “Let’s check it out, “ he says as Amy sits beside him. “It may also tell us how they build koi ponds.”

Here’s what Brian and Amy find out:

How Long It Can Take To Install A Koi Pond

Large Koi Pond With Waterfall
It usually takes about 4 days to 1 week to install a koi pond. This timeline changes mainly due to weather, pond size, job complexity, digging obstacles, possible relocation, and materials.

The 6 Main Reasons The Timeline Can Change

Streets And Walkway Clear Of Snow

Putting the tub in the shade keeps your fish cool. Tubs can heat up when in direct sunlight for a few hours. The net keeps them from jumping out.

Keeping some water in the bottom makes cleaning the debris easier.

  1. Weather. It’s basically impossible to build a koi pond when it’s raining or snowing. Shoveling mud that falls back or moving wet stones is difficult and dangerous.
  2. Pond size. Larger koi ponds take more time to build because there’s more to do. Smaller koi ponds can still take a while depending on the other factors.
  3. Job Complexity. More complex koi ponds take more time, labor, and possibly materials to complete. Less complex koi ponds are quicker to build.
  4. Digging obstacles. Sometimes when digging where you want your koi pond to be, we find obstacles. We may find utility lines, plumbing, tree roots, or the soil may not be great for koi ponds.
  5. Possible relocation. If we find any obstacles, we either need to move them or dig your koi pond in another area. This means filling in what we dug out and starting over elsewhere.
  6. Materials. If any materials are on backorder we’ll need to wait for them to arrive. We can build your koi pond out as much as possible while we wait.

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“That’s a relief,” sighs Amy, sitting back. Brian nods. “Sure is. I wonder what else we may need to know about koi ponds before they install ours,” he says. “Let’s see what else is on their blog.”
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