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Without Outdoor Lights

Isn’t it hard to see how the meat is doing on the grill in the dark? What about seeing faces or what’s going on in the background?

Enjoying outdoor features, water or otherwise, can be difficult as well without lighting. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the yard they’re investing time and money into. Outdoor lighting can be the answer to being able to enjoy what is essentially an outdoor extension of the home! Outdoor lights also help everyone see where they’re going, so nobody falls into the pool or twists an ankle.

Pathway lighting around water feature at night

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Types Of Outdoor Lights

  • Yard Lights- Let’s see those natural areas! These lights help with the “look but don’t touch or fall into” rule.

  • Pathway Lights- One of the most important to have. Help people see where they’re walking so they don’t trip or step on any walkway plants.

  • Driveway Lights- Keep cars on the driveway and off the plants and grass. Tire marks probably aren’t the pattern you want for your lawn.

  • Residential Facade Lights- Wall grazing, spotlighting, downlighting, accenting! Boost curb appeal and show off the best parts of your house’s exterior.

  • Patio & Deck Lights- Create another room for your house. Great for nighttime gatherings of friends, families, or maybe yourself for some you time.

  • Pool & Pond Lights- “WHOA” *splash*. Save people from this scenario with pond and pool lights! Also, add nighttime appeal to your yard and enjoy your water feature day or night.

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